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Johannes Blust Suite

Johannes Blust

Johannes Blust is a multi-room Suite that occupies the main floor of the Blust Cottage with its own private entry.  This beautiful Suite offers a King size bed, a dining room, and an extensive tile bath featuring an oversize whirlpool tub, a shower with a massive “shower tower” and a steam shower. Everything you need for a perfect vacation!

A private porch overlooks the Himmelstreppe with Hillside views of the Village, the Missouri River, Hermannhof Winery, the Tin Mill Brewery, and the Hofgarten. High-speed Internet, flat-screen cable TV, personal coffee service, and mini-refrigerator. 

This cottage was built by Johannes Blust in the 1840s, one of the original German settlement Society members, who was granted his lot in 1838. Originally a carpenter from Wurttemberg, Germany, Blust became a winemaker. By 1870, Mr. Blust had acquired two additional acres for the production of grapes and made 700 gallons of wine.  (If you explore the north side of the cottage, you will discover Blust's cellar where the wine was produced.)  He received the sum of $575.00 for his efforts. Johann’s son, Julius, continued to produce wine in the area throughout the 1880s. The Blust Haus is one of the oldest houses in Hermann. It has been restored on its original site. The house is half-timbered, a hand-hewn post and beam structure. It features brick “nogging” or infill between the posts. This is also known as fachewerk.

Blust Haus is also the location of the Himmelstreppe room.

As our guest, you will receive a bottle of complimentary Hermannhof wine, that will await you in your room.

Breakfast Included

Breakfast is served each morning at the Inn, located in the Historic Festhalle.

Special Packages

Add to your Hermannhof experience!  Allow us to personalize your room with gift baskets and European delicacies from our Hermannhof Winery or a package for your special someone including chocolates, floral arrangements, or champagne during your stay.