A Span of Time and Water

 Christopher S. Bond Bridge in Hermann, MissouriHermann, Missouri history is quite interesting. Can you imagine being a visitor to Hermann, MO prior to 1929 before any bridge spanned the Missouri River?  Hermann is beautifully nestled along the river and between the hillsides and bluffs, making for a scenic destination.

Visitors and town folk would hop a ferry to cross the river.  This wasn’t an option when the river would freeze over, resulting in a crossing by foot.  I can’t even imagine what that must have been like.  School children would stay with family and friends during the week to prevent daily crossings of the river over frozen ice.  Perhaps this is how home schooling came about.

Fortunately, Hermann now boasts a modern, safer crossing, the Christopher S. Bond Bridge completed in 2007, replacing the older Hermann Bridge which opened in 1930.  The ultra cool thing about this bridge is it also contains an 8 foot wide pedestrian/bike path which allows visitors to cross the Missouri River in means other than a motorized vehicle.  It offers a fantastic view mid-bridge at any time of day but sunsets are incredible as you stand with the Missouri flowing beneath you.  This path will also lead you to the Katy Trail State Park where you can continue your walking trek or bike ride along this converted railway trail. The bridge and trail are easily accessible from the Hermannhof properties by bike or on foot for those up to a little trek.  With our Inn’s Early Bird Special, you can schedule now for a Spring Biking Getaway.  Just call us at 573-486-5199 to reserve your stay and bicycle rentals. Or, just come visit us this month, and take advantage of our January Special rates!

Today Hermann is known for its tourism, wineries, shopping and beauty, but it is the river that kept Hermann on the map in the late 1800s, early 1900s.  Nearly 40 steam and gasoline boats were built here in Hermann and some 30 barges.  More boat men were shipped in and out of Hermann than any other town between St. Louis and Fort Benton.   When you come for a stay at the Inn at Hermannhof and you look off to the North and watch the Missouri roll by while enjoying a glass of our finest wine, you will better understand the connection of our fair town to the mighty River that has etched its way into our existence.

We hope to see you at our Hermann. MO bed and breakfast.

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