Hermann Arminius Statue

Hermann Arminius StatueWhen you first enter our fair town from the North down Hwy 19, you will notice a statue of Hermann or Arminius as he was called by the Romans.  Though the statue was erected in 2009, Arminius’s fame dates back to 9 A.D. when he became Germany’s national hero.

At the young age of 25, Arminius led his men against a Roman general who treated the Germans as slaves.  With strategy, arrows and javelins, Arminius and his men were able to defeat 30,000 – 40,000 Roman soldiers resulting in one of the worst defeats ever for the Roman army.

The Hermann Arminius statue  represents strength and unity in preserving freedom.  Hermann, MO is not the only town to boast a monument to honor this war hero.  You may also find one in Detmold, Germany where it is believed Arminius was able to overtake the Romans.  There is another statue erected in New Ulm, Minnesota, which is where you can find the second tallest copper sheathed statue in the United States.  The only taller monument of this type is the Statue of Liberty in New York.  The statue in Minnesota represents all Americans of German heritage which composes the largest ethnic group to emigrate from Europe to the United States.

During your stay at the Inn at Hermannhof  you will want to make a visit to the Arminius statue,  which is less than a mile west of the Festhalle.  It is situated in the middle of a small garden, walking path and benches for your enjoyment behind the old City Hall in the middle of Market Street.  From this spot, you will also get a wonderful view of the new bridge, which brings visitors into town across the Missouri river.

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