The Inn at Hermannhof – Berger Grass Cottage

The Inn at HermannhofThe Inn at Hermannhof The Berger Grass Cottage is one of six Hermannhof historical cottages.  It was built circa 1850 by Anton Grass, a successful farmer who emigrated from Switzerland.  It served as an actual working haus winery in the 1800’s.  According to the 1860 census; Mr. Grass produced 220 gallons of wine and employed a hired hand as a wine dresser.  His estate listed 2,050 pounds of grapes among his assets in 1880.

In 2007, this house was purchased and meticulously disassembled, marking individual stones at the corners of the house and at window and door openings to ensure a thoughtful reconstruction.  It was then carefully relocated from its original site of five Berger Grass Hausmiles south of Frene Creek Road to its new location on East Hill across from the Festhalle.  The house was rebuilt and restored to truly capture the character and appeal of the 1800’s.  Beautiful interior mahogany doors feature raised diamond panels in the German Biedermeier tradition.

To this day you can see the markings still exist on the stone of the cottage (pictured).  Come experience The Inn at Hermannhof at its best by staying in one of the four Berger Grass Cottage Guest Rooms.


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