Beekeeper Walter Els & Observation Hive at Hermann Mill Grand Opening

hermann b and b beesHermann Mill Grand Opening  – April 21st from 10-5pm.

The mystery of what happens within a dark bee hive can be solved with an observation hive. Watching worker bees go about their business is fascinating for both children and adults. On April 21 from 10-5 PM join our Herman MO Bed and Breakfast at the grand opening of the newly restored Hermann Mill on 315 E First Street to not only meet Walter Els, area beekeeper, but also see his Observation Hive.

This special event featuring bees at the Hermann Mill opening is an educational program for students of all ages. The observation hive is a teaching tool used in the classroom for both youth and older hobbyists to learn about how to create their own apiary or beekeeping hobby. To create the right habitat for the bees the hive is filled with beeswax, worker bees, queen bee, drone bees, honey and eggs. Other exhibits will include a display by Agri-Missouri.

The observation hive opens topics of discussion about the life cycle of the honey bee in the colony and the many different roles the worker bee performs daily to keep the hive a working healthy colony. Also discussed is the role of the honey bee on the farm. Over 1/3 of our produce is pollinated by the honey bee. Some Missouri farmers pay the beekeeper to keep their hives on their farms to pollinate their crops. Honey bee populations worldwide are declining and farmers everywhere are doing what they can to help to preserve these essential members of our food system. Habitat loss, pesticide use, and disease all contribute to the declines of bee and insect populations worldwide but as more people are made aware of these problems, conservation efforts are springing up everywhere. The goal of this presentation is for all to enjoy the wonderful honey bee and the natural products we gather from the hive and basically learn that to help save the honey bee more people should become beekeepers.

Els will be on hand to talk about his honey products and the wide range of items he makes using beeswax. Honey tasting is also an element of the program. Megan Allen, the Missouri Honey Queen, will be on hand with honey sticks available for visiting youngsters. Megan’s role for 2012 is to visit notable agricultural events throughout the state and talk about beekeeping and educate the public on the hobby. Our Herman B&B is looking forward to seeing you at this very special event. For more information on the event contact Joan Treis at 573-486-3276.

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