Plan a Memorable Bridal Shower at the Hermannhof Missouri Winery

hermann mo weddingsJune is known as the traditional wedding month. Typically, bridal showers will precede weddings several weeks before the actual date. A wedding shower is the modern-day replacement of the dated bride’s dowry. In the early 1900’s, showers were spontaneous with gifts brought to the home of the bride, while modern-day showers are more planned events of celebration for the bride and groom, along with family and friends. Bridal showers are often festively decorated and offer finger foods, light meals, or delectable cakes and desserts.

Often, a bride and groom will register for the gifts they would like to receive for the wedding and wedding shower to use for their new home together.

If you’re looking for an ideal venue to host your next wedding shower, consider the possibilities of our Missouri bed and breakfast. The Hermannhof facilities offer ideal accommodations for nearly any size wedding shower. From an elaborate event to a small, intimate gathering, the Hermannhof Winery & Festhalle offer a tasteful setting to make those special moments even more special. Our friendly staff members are happy to help you coordinate your event, any catering and linen needs, set-up, and to ensure every detail of your event is meticulously completed.

If you are planning a wedding shower for a friend or family member, contact a Hermannhof booking specialist today. Simply click here to fill out our Hermannhof Festhalle or Courtyard form and a member of our friendly staff will contact you to begin preparing for your special event right away.

Need a wedding shower gift idea?

Create a honeymoon basket for the happy couple! The basket can include mini travel items such as soaps, shampoos, bath salts, sunscreen, sunglasses, beach towels, a candle, bottle of aspirin, candies, a ‘do not disturb’ sign, crossword puzzle, or magazines for the trip, wine glasses (plastic or glass) hermann missouri wedding receptionand a tasteful selection of one of our family of wines from the Hermannhof Winery Store. Complete the ‘bridal look’ by wrapping the basket with a large white towel (if possible, one from their linen bridal registry). Tie it together with white ribbons and a gorgeous bow!

(Idea submitted by Jamie Foley, Winfield, MO)

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